How do I fix my landscape lights?

The very first inquiry you require to inquire yourself is actually why aren’t my easy work? I completely recognize just how foolish this appears to inquire: there is actually a good chance if your lightings weren’t working, you definitely would not be right here reviewing this at the moment. A reliable service company likePhoenix AZ landscape lighting can also do this without any mistake.

Nonetheless, humor me momentarily: think back to when you first noticed a problem with your lights system. Have you had work carried out around your home lately? Was your landscaper working in the backyard the day before you first noticed your lights knocked off?

In some cases the reason a lighting fixtures unit experiences concerns could be a direct cause and effect from work that’s been carried out around your building. I possess two instances from times I have actually individually seen this occur to our clients.

Pathway lighting before pathway after

Example 1: Recently, a client I was helping had pair of lightings that weren’t functioning. It ended up that a cable run was actually ruined through their plant removal company. An established plant had actually been actually lowered and also when the sizable stub was ground out the yard lighting cable came into get in touch with due to the grinder. A straightforward error that our solution technician easily remedied for our client.

Instance 2: Another time an individual called us considering that the downlight over their back outdoor patio had actually walked out. When we looked into, it had actually turned out the cords to this light had been precisely reduced as well as fully taken out. Our company inquired the manager if he knew anything about why his cable was overlooking. Appeared he had just possessed new warm strip put up for his roofline the week in the past. By chance, the handyman who carried out the warm tape had actually given up and also entirely removed our cords instead of working around them. We went on as well as ran brand new cord for him and it functioning again.

I know, discouraging. But the good news is these sorts of issues are pretty quick and easy for a low-voltage illumination professional to fix and also restore when contrasted to greater issues our experts’ve viewed along with some lights units out there our team didn’t install.

Bigger Issues.

If you do not simply have a light or 2 out, if your body has considerable amounts of revealed wire, if most of your fittings are actually broken or even rusted, after that we are actually talking about a something fully various. We are actually talking about something that can not be just corrected along with the wave of a magic wand.

When a device is actually constructed from inadequate components and certainly not engineered adequately, it is actually established for failure. It’s one thing our experts regrettably see regularly after that we would certainly as if.

If you are actually interested, look at THIS ARTICLE to read more regarding why systems out there aren’t being created and crafted the right way.

Don’t receive me wrong.

With a crew of expert lighting fixtures technicians, it is 100% achievable to get a shabby illumination system operating once more. The real question is actually regardless if it’s worth possessing a great deal of costly work carried out if the work can’t be warrantied and if you may find yourself back where you began a year later.

Exactly how Do You Know What Shape Your Device Resides In?

Listed below are actually some points to search for when trying to self-evaluate what condition your system is in.


When your fixtures are ruined or even in major decay, it ought to be quite evident. Are actually the top hats to your path lightings broken short? Are actually the posts to some of your path lights angled? Are any ground posts cracked or cracked are your illuminations laying on the ground/ do your lightings require help to stand directly? Perform some components turn in location when you make an effort to reseat them to their ground risk? Are actually any type of components dripping or full of water? Perform any installations look like they are scaling & worn away? Are actually a number of your arrow up lights 50 percent hidden in mulch? Perform your fittings resemble they are expected to?

If you have composite fixtures at that point it’s virtually promised they are actually going to stop working. Plastic merely doesn’t rise properly in the outdoors. The fittings we observe break and also stop working the most are continually constructed from light weight aluminum as well as composite.

It can be complicated to be objective when you are close to your device as well as find it everyday. But if traits don’t look like they are intended to, if traits look damaged and wrecked, then you might really want consider your other options.


Wire could be a little harder to review since it is actually stashed underground. But if your fittings all appear wrecked and also rusty, then why think that your cable is heading to be in far better form?

Usually, the wire will certainly be left open in various areas in a system that’s in rugged design. In addition, there could be frayed/cut cables hidden underground.Damaged cord.

Cable links are the weakest point in any given garden illumination device. If the links aren’t water-resistant (greased cable nuts aren’t water-proof), then the cable is going to have been presented to wetness. Not good.


The transformer, package that powers your lights system as well as turns your 120v up to 12v, usually tend to be pretty reliable.

Nonetheless, our team have actually found transformers in older systems that have fully and also entirely failed (Keith ought to possess a photo on his phone of a brown rusted out Kichler transformer). When a transformer neglects, there is actually no restoring it. It will simply require to be substituted.

Is it Opportunity to Replace?

Occasionally fixing a garden lighting unit can be performed promptly and efficiently when it’s just an illumination or two out. But when the whole entire lighting unit is actually effectively flawed and also established for failing, the only means to correct your garden lights, truly correct all of them, it to change your unit with a brand-new one that is actually constructed to last.

Yard lighting units need normal treatment a routine maintenance. The outdoor setting is actually a brutal spot for your illumination device. If it isn’t cared for or if it’s enabled to come under disrepair, then mending it may be like placing quick fix on bullet holes: it may assist momentarily, but you’ll simply end up back where you started.

If your lighting fixtures system is actually dropping apart/in a state of disrepair, don’t permit it obtain you down. Attempt taking a look at it as an opportunity to start over as well as have your unit performed the right way.

Landscape Lights has actually been actually supplying individuals with quality lighting fixtures units that are built to last for the years ahead. With our lifetime warranty and attractive styles, our team set people up for a productive knowledge. Image1 -Edit-1.

Yard Lighting Fixtures Brings In All the Variation.

At Yard Lighting, the craft of outside lighting is actually a genuine passion our company function to ideal. Building elegantly bespoke landscape illumination systems is actually merely all we carry out. For over 15 years, our honor succeeding team of designers and artisans have actually made every effort to take the greatest outdoor lights expertise possible to individuals’s properties and businesses throughout the Wasatch Front and past.

Situated in Midvale, Garden Lighting Fixtures puts up, maintains, and also repair services lighting units throughout houses.

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